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Chainminer: Powering the Future of Crypto Mining

Join the forefront of cryptocurrency mining with our innovative token system, dedicated mining pools, and comprehensive rental services.

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Invest in Your Future
with Chainminer

$CMINER is more than just a cryptocurrency; it's your gateway to participating in the
profitability of crypto mining and enjoy unique holders benefits:

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Direct Rewards

Earn a portion of the mining profits directly linked to our operations.
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Weekly payouts

Receive your personal reward for holding $CMINER on a weekly basis.
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Reward Dashboard

Discover our user-friendly dashboard to see your earnings in real time.
Group Mining

Collaborate and Thrive

Group Mining will allow our users to pool their resources with fellow miners, combining their mining power to increase their collective output and potential earnings.

Coming soon
Rent a Rig

Flexible and Powerful Rigs

For those who do not own their mining hardware or prefer not to maintain it, Chainminer will offer a rental service that provides access to state-of-the-art mining rigs.

Coming soon
Maximize your earnings

Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Crypto Mining

Chainminer will introduce AI-Driven Auto-Switching Pools, a cutting-edge feature designed to optimize mining operations dynamically and ensure maximum profitability.

Coming soon

Token Hold Requirement

Must hold at least 15,000 CMINER tokens to participate

Community Pools

Join pools within our dashboard alongside other CMINER holders to boost collective mining efforts

Transparent Reporting

Access detailed reports and analytics on your group's performance through our platform

Tailored Rental Plans

Opt for short-term or long-term rentals based on your project requirements.

Real-Time Management

Use our intuitive dashboard to monitor and manage your rented rigs with ease.

Competitive Rates

Benefit from competitive pricing designed to maximize your investment returns.

Real-Time Optimization

Automatically switches to the most profitable coin, enhancing your mining efficiency.

Enhanced Profitability

Enjoy higher returns with pools that are optimized continuously based on algorithmic market analysis.
Exclusive Rewards

User-friendly rewards dashboard

Claim rewards
Why chainminer

Innovation in Mining Technology

We utilize the latest in blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to ensure that our miners and token holders experience optimal profitability and efficiency.

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Token Rewards System

Get your payouts in real-time using our exclusive reward system.

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Advanced Mining Pools

Benefit from AI optimization and community-driven mining pools.

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Rental Marketplace (soon)

Access a wide range of mining rigs with flexible rental options.

Our vision


Rewards centre

Complete the integration of CMINER tokens with our platform, enabling users to connect their wallets and track rewards seamlessly. The launch of the Rewards Centre will provide transparency and real-time updates on earnings and staking.

Introduction of Group Mining

Launch the "Group Mining" feature, enabling users to pool resources and start their own mining pools with our rented rigs. To participate, users must hold at least 50,000 CMINER tokens.

Mining Rental Dashboard

Roll out our comprehensive dashboard that allows users to manage and monitor their mining rigs effortlessly. This includes detailed analytics on performance, and operational status.

Expansion and Innovation
Partner Network Expansion

Establish new partnerships within the industry to broaden our reach and enhance our service offerings.

In-House Mining Pools with AI-Driven Auto-Switching

Introduce proprietary in-house mining pools equipped with an AI feature that automatically switches miners to the most profitable coins in real time, maximizing earnings by adapting to market dynamics and network difficulty changes.

Mobile App Launch

Release a mobile app for iOS and Android, enabling users to manage their rentals and monitor their mining activities on the go.

Time to get started

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